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The Last Day of School is now June 4th.

Meadowmere is having an APEX Remix Fundraiser!

Starting on Tuesday, November 13th, Meadowmere students and staff will be raising money for new risers for our music department, safety wall mats for our gymnasium, and a new outdoor classroom that our whole school can enjoy.  APEX brings a unique blend of fundraising and leadership development to our school.  This year, their theme is S.T.R.O.N.G.  They will present six lessons: Selfless, Trustworthy, Refuel, Overcome, Next level, and Grateful. 
The program will begin with a APEX Pep Rally on Tuesday, November 13th, followed by the lessons each school day after that, culminating with the APEX Remix program on November 29th.  Remix is basically a mix between the P90X workout program and Zoomba.  The students will learn different dance moves and will exercise in the gym for about 45 minutes going through a progression of the dance moves.  Students will be asking for flat pledges and per-dance-move pledges from their family and friends here in Grandview and across the world using APEX's social media platform!
Three years ago, APEX helped us raise money to build a new playground east of the school.  This year, we have lofty fundraising goals, but our school needs the items we are fundraising for.  Help us make our school awesome!