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The Last Day of School is now June 4th.

WatchDogs is Here!!!

This school year, Meadowmere has started a chapter of WatchDOGS.  WatchDOGS allows fathers, uncles, and important male role models to come into the school to read to our students, help the teacher with lessons, help students at recess and in the cafeteria, and monitor arrival and dismissal.  It is a great opportunity for our students. 
If you would like to be a part of WatchDOGS, please contact Mr. Fielder at 816-316-5546 or email him at  In order to get started, the school will need you to fill out a background check form available in the office.  Once you are cleared, you will be able to schedule dates for when you can be a WatchDOG.  The school is also providing a WatchDOGS t-shirt for you to wear each time you come to the school. 
Contact Mr. Fielder for more information.